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The Profession

This page is devoted to profession-related topics in Chinese philosophy, including past and ongoing discussions of Ph.D. programs and associated issues of academic training in the field. Use the page links below to navigate to all items — some are further pages on this blog, some are external. Some items that are linked will be information-oriented and some discussion-oriented. Contributions of either sort of item are welcome from guests to the blog; simply contact me with proposals and/or links.

On This Blog

Erin Cline leaves University of Oregon Philosophy Dept for Georgetown University Theology Dept (announcement, June 2009)

Hong Kong University hires Chris Fraser to fill (now Emeritus) Chad Hansen’s position (announcement, April 2009)

Comments Regarding the Philosophical Gourmet Report – Chinese Philosophy Programs – 2009 Rankings (on-going blog discussion)

Discussion of the APA Newsletter on the State of the Field — Links and Comments (on-going blog discussion)

Ph.D. and M.A. Programs — Information Depository (on-going blog discussion)

External Links

Philosophical Gourmet Report – Chinese Philosophy Programs – 2009 Rankings

American Philosophical Association Newsletter on the State of the Field, edited by Amy Olberding (University of Oklahoma)

Leiter Reports Archived Post on “the Crisis” in Chinese Philosophy Training (blog post from 2006; active (technically) but discussion is now on-going here rather than at Leiter Reports)

Chris Fraser’s Advice for Graduate Study

Eric Hutton’s Advice for Graduate Study

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