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I’m at the Pacific Division meetings of the American Philosophical Association, in Pasadena CA this year. I just presented a paper last night on rectification of terms (zhengming 正名) and on “term-guidance” in general. Also heard a very interesting argument about Zhang Zai, the neo-Confucian by Jung-yeup Kim; Kim gives a non-monistic reading of Zhang’s views on qi. On the same panel, Wei-min Sun gave an interesting argument addressing Joseph Needham’s puzzle about why science didn’t develop, in particular the “theoretical” sciences, in China–short answer: no system of deductive logic developed in China. I’ll post some stuff about these things next week after I get back home.

Right now I’m off to hear an “author-meets-critics” panel on David Wong’s book Natural Moralities: A Defense of Pluralistic Relativism (Oxford University Press, 2006). Here is a nice, detailed Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews review of it by Christopher Gowans. Enjoy, and feel free to comment on Wong’s project! I’ll try to take some notes during the session.

March 20, 2008 - Posted by | Chinese philosophy

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